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High quality uk timber fencing panels sussex, south coast diy fencing panels, worthing fence materials, meaker uk fencing panels lancing
High quality uk timber fencing panels sussex, south coast diy fencing panels, worthing fence materials, meaker uk fencing panels lancing
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The UK Construction industry faces its biggest shortages and price increases in years.

As the UK continues to open up after a year of lockdowns and restrictions the construction industry in all categories has never been busier and at the forefront of the Economic recovery. Soaring demand for home improvements along with Brexit and Covid shutdowns in factories and sawmills has affected the availability of key materials. The effects of Brexit are also beginning to show, decorative panels, trellis and decking from Europe along with Log cabins and Garden buildings now have an infinite lead time.

 If you’ve been in to your local merchant recently you were probably confronted with empty shelves, limits to how many items you could buy and may be some squabbling over the last bag of cement! Unfortunately this seems commom place at the moment, remember the shortages of plaster and gardening products last year? Carry on reading and find out why...

Timber is consistantly one of the worst affected areas in construction. When there are shortages we forget that it's not just about the UK, high International demand means the UK misses out on some of its valuable imports. 80% of sawn softwood used in house building comes from Europe, when this isn’t available it puts the strain on the UK market. House building takes priority over other construction categories such as fencing, leaving the fencing trade behind in the supply chain. Brexit, Covid and World events have created a “ perfect storm” causing shortages and price increases that could be with us until 2025.

With all UK suppliers and retailers now on strict allocation for cement products the immediate future of supplies looks a bit sketchy. This not only affects bagged products but production of all concrete products also. As with anything, high demand and lack of raw materials causes massively over inflated prices. Bagged products have also been affected by another shortage, polyethylene and polypropylene which is used to make the packaging, on a positive note; this may encourage manufacturers to find new more environmentaly friendly ways of packaging their products. Finally the Government legislation to decarbonise the industry could put prices up by up to 150%.

In conclusion, some of these shortages could be with us for years to come but this may see a flurry of new and innovative products to the market. While larger Superstores have bigger buying power than independent specialists we are fighting our corner and have excellent relationships with all our suppliers meaning that we have been out of stock of very few items. By continuing to support independent specialists you are helping to stop larger stores from inflating their prices unnecessarily, you are preserving the generations of knowledge, traditional craftsmanship and specialist products and you are also assured of friendly and exceptional knowledge. Stick with it, things are going to return to normal, it may be a new normal we’re all in it together.

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